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Pet Memorials


Our pets are members of the family, companions during the happy times and steadfast support during difficult times. And although their lives are too brief, we hold their memories dear.

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Dolly Grace (May 25, 2007 - June 24, 2021)

Dolly Grace was truly a beloved part of the family here at VRCCE, and she will forever be our little guardian angel. When she and her mom would arrive for an appointment, Dolly Grace would have go around and greet every single one of us. 

She loved her family so much! Her favorite napping spot was on the couch in her family’s beautiful library. Always full of joy no matter what health problem she was facing, Dolly Grace was the brightest light in any room.

I hope you are curled up on the couch in Heaven’s Library, sweet girl! You are loved and missed. 


Roxy Rochelle (July 22, 2008 – June 27, 2019)

Roxy’s mom said it best in her touching goodbye: 

You were a character who walked to the beat of your own drum and I loved every quirk about you. You were smart, spunky, sweet, sensitive, strong and stubborn, but most of all goofy, playful and so full of life! You showed every expression on your face and in your actions. A true heart of a champion. You soaked it all in like each day was your last. You loved your people most of all and sensed what they needed. You won over many hearts, most especially your mom’s and your special bond with your Grandpa. You were so loved. It’s hard to believe you’re gone, but you will always and forever be in our hearts. 

Togiak Eider (2005 - 2019)

It was with a heavy heart that we all said goodbye to Togiak recently. He brought so much joy to his family and friends and he was as special as the rare bird he was named after. A gorgeous Standard Poodle, he was also as tall, dark and handsome as they come! Sweet Togie will be missed by his standard poodle sister and brother, and every human he ever met. I just know he is standing guard over his family and showering them with love from above.

Sarah happy golden retriever at kettle cove

Sarah (2003 - 2018)

Happy Sarah always reminded us what was important in life. Her joy was infectious, and she was always the center of her wonderful family. She lived a long and joy-filled life and she loved all of her siblings,(both human and kitties) with all her heart! She was very spoiled, but always the perfect, gentle dog, with a family that made every day special for her - her dad even made her steak on her birthday. Rest In Peace, sweet girl. You will be so missed.

Boo (1998 - 2018)

Boo lived the most amazing life of any cat we have ever known! She traveled around New England from her home here in this area to her other home in New Hampshire, always riding on her Dad's shoulders or walking on her leash. She loved to ride in the car, and often could be spotted in the truck while they ran  errands around town. Towards the end of her life she required several medications and daily fluids to maintain her quality of life, and her dad was her constant nurse and companion. We will miss this little adventurer.

Winston at Thomas Memorial Library

Winston (2009 - 2017)

Therapy dog and local celebrity, Winston captured the heart of the entire community. He was often to be found at Thomas Memorial Library listening to children read and helping them build confidence. Sweet and handsome, Winston will be missed by all of his human and dog friends alike. Thank you, Winston, for all that you did!

Blackie (2002 - 2017)

Blackie's mom writes: "He was a picture of courage and quiet strength, battling cancer since December 2016. Despite undergoing surgery to remove a growth from his chin the summer before, despite his hyperthyroid, despite being abandoned by a previous owner in the dead of winter one year, Blackie was always a model of wisdom, grace, peace,and love. Everyone who knew him absolutely adored him. He was a best friend and a brother, and we will miss him terribly."

Beau (200? - 2017)

This beautiful and intelligent Persian was rescued by his loving family in 2015. Beau was so lucky to experience such a wonderful life with his new family. He left pawprints on all of our hearts. Plus, he had the best mustaches ever!

Angie (1999 - 2016)

Angie was our patient from the time she was a tiny puppy, growing up on a local estate with her loving owner and surrounded by horses and gardens. She certainly had a great life full of adventure. After Angie's owner passed away she came to live with one of our Rehabilitation specialists (Deb St Laurent) here at VRCCE. She needed a lot of specialized care at that stage in her life and Deb was the perfect person for her. Deb says Angie immediately became fast friends with her cat Binky. They were inseparable, eating together, sleeping together and always attached at the hip - one was never without the other! They were such a comic pair. Angie lived with Deb and Binky for nine months, leaving them on Memorial Day weekend 2016 when she passed away at almost 18 years old.

Weathers (2007 - 2016)

Sweet Weathers fought many complex health issues in his life, and thanks to his wonderful family, who did everything possible to keep him comfortable and loved, he enjoyed every single day. This handsome boy loved his family and was always so patient and gentle when he visited us here at the Veterinary Center. A true old soul, we will never forget you or stop missing you Weathers.

Simon (11/2012 - 12/2017)

Gorgeous Scotch Collie Simon was a special dog (aren't they all?). Brought up from Arkansas at about a year old, he was THRILLED to experience the beach and have the freedom to run. His wonderful adoptive mom became a dog-walker, in part to help him have a better life, and through that venture he met all kinds of dogs and made all kinds of friends. Everyone called him "Uncle Si" because he loved the young dogs who liked being chased and 'herded' around by him. His mom says "He was truly a partner in the business, whether it was ball-chasing with Pepper at Fort Williams, woods walking with Oliver in Cape Woods, or just being a wild and crazy dog with his friend Maisie at Hinckley Park, Simon was a gentle and caring soul."