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August 22nd kicks off National Take Your Cat to the Vet Month! 

There are millions more cats than dogs in the United States, yet cat owners are far less likely to know when they need to take their cats to the vet than they are for their dogs. Cat's are usually very stoic and don't show that they are not feeling well until disease has advanced to a critical stage. For this reason, yearly physical exams are extra important for your feline companions.These exams allow your vet to detect health concerns early so they can be managed or cured before they become painful and more costly.

Did you know even indoor cats are required by law to have rabies vaccines? If a bat or other wildlife gets into the home and your cat isn't vaccinated, that can put you at risk for exposure to rabies, and the State of Maine Rabies Management Guidelines can require you to keep your cat in a lengthy quarantine. Rabies is most commonly transmitted through contact with saliva. Other vaccines recommended for cats whether indoor or outdoor, are FVRCP the feline 'distemper' vaccine which protects from viruses either through contact with other cats or brought home on owner's hands and clothing, and FeLV for kittens through their first year booster which is then based on risk of exposure.

For more information on feline health and behavior, visit the American Association of Feline Practitioners website at the Cat Community.


Veterinary and Rehabilitation Center of Cape Elizabeth - Luna DogThe Veterinary and Rehabilitation Center of Cape Elizabeth is an AAHA accredited veterinary hospital located in beautiful Cape Elizabeth, Maine. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality medical care for animals in a loving and supportive environment. Our full range of services include Comprehensive/Preventative Healthcare, Surgical and Dental services, X-rays, Ultrasound, Labwork, House calls, Rehabilitation (physical therapy), Acupuncture, Educational Events, and Professional training. We are a Fear-Free Canine and Gold Certified Cat Friendly practice and our staff specializes in individualized patient care to make sure each visit is as pain free and fear free as possible.  

Explore our site to find more information about our practice, our veterinarians, our services and our staff.

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Please browse our website to learn more about our practice and the services we provide for companion animals in Cape Elizabeth, Portland, South Portland, Falmouth, Scarborough and surrounding communities.  Read information in our Pet Library, view videos, read testimonials, and find details about upcoming events. Please call our office today at (207)799-6952 for all your pet health care needs.


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