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Dog Socialization, Training and Obedience


Nancy Freedman-Smith, dog training, puppy classes, Veterinary and Rehabilitation Center of Cape Elizabeth, long standing cape vet is now offering professional dog training

Veterinary and Rehabilitation Center of Cape Elizabeth wants to foster the bond between you and your pet by providing for your pet's mental and physical health care needs throughout all life's stages. 

We are happy to provide a list of area trainers who share our philosophy of fear free training. These trainers are passionate about force free, positive dog training, and specialize in family dogs, and dogs with major behavior issues, such as reactivity and fear aggression, as well as obedience and agility.

The Veterinary and Rehabilitation Center of Cape Elizabeth provides this list as a convenience to our customers, however, we do not endorse any of these businesses and recommend that you vet them prior to using their services. 

Dog Training Resources


Grace Pomeroy, KPA-CTP

Fear Free Positive Training

Cape Elizabeth, South Portland

(207) 239-1843


Gooddogz Training

Nancy Freedman-Smith

Force-free training, very patient, excellent overall trainer.


(207) 671-2522

Dogs Are Smart!

Phaedra Bond 

South Portland

(207) 415-7914


My Wonderful Dog

Elsa Larsen

Greater Portland Area

(207) 329-2925

Canine Behavior Counseling

Judy Moore



Blue Fawn Maine

Shannan Hall


(207) 251-2296

DogSense Training Services

Carolyn Ross

good agility person, good foundation for agility, very patient


(207) 831-9733


Tree Frog Farm

Liz Langham

good agility person, good foundation for agility, very patient!

North Yarmouth

(207) 837-1613


Poetic Gold Farm

Jill Simmons


(207) 274-4321


Positively Best Friends! Dog Training & Canine Activity Center



Mainely Agility 

Kim Tees



It’s A Dog’s World

Training & Agility


(207) 363-0099


Saccarappa Obedience Club


dog training, puppy classes, obedience school, good foundation




Karen Pryor Clicker Training

 marker-based positive reinforcement


AKC Clicker Training

Marker-based positive reinforcement


Susan Garrett

Excellent! dog trainer & agility instructor

Alberton, ON Canada

One Mind Dogs

Finland + global instructors