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Microchips are permanent identification devices that increase the chance of lost pets being reunited with their families.  These rice-sized objects are implanted with a syringe into the loose skin by the shoulder blades.  When a scanner is passed over the area, it reads the chip via ultrasound and displays a unique identification number.  This number is registered by the pet's owner with the owner's contact information.  Microchips are used to identify pets worldwide.  Veterinary hospitals, animal shelters and rescue groups routinely scan all lost animals to attempt reunification with their families. 

There are at least 6 types of microchips offered in the United States.  These vary in many ways including:  frequency, costs (device, implantation, registration fees, and annual fees), inclusion in databases and ancillary services (insurance, etc.).  Microchipping with any microchip has been shown to increase the chance of pet recovery.


Our microchip of choice is PetLink for the following reasons:  

  • PetLink is the first US microchip to conform to the ISO internationally accepted frequency, 134.2kHz.  The US has delayed in accepting this frequency as the uniform standard due to copyright and other legal issues, but it is accepted and used by most other countries.  An ISO standard microchip is required for travel with an International Health Certificate.
  • Universal scanners are now used at most hospitals and shelters in order to detect and read microchips of all frequencies, including PetLink.
  • When purchased through us, PetLink ONLY cost is the implant of the microchip.  There is no device fee, registration fee, annual fee, or fee for updating contact information.  Registration is completed at
  • PetLink is one of 4 voluntary participants in AAHA, an effort to compile all current US microchip registries into one searchable database.

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With the current choice of microchips, PetLink complies with the international standard, recognizes that registration and maintenance of registries should be free and that microchip companies owe it to lost pets to allow open access to all registries.

Want to learn more or schedule an appointment to microchip your pet? Call 877-738-5465


A lookup tool to help identify the registry where a pet’s microchip is registered: Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool