The Vet and Rehab Center of Cape Elizabeth

207 Ocean House Road
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107


How To Get Started

Therapy begins with a patient evaluation completed by Dr. Johnson, DVM, CCRP, Jodi Bandola-Marks, MPT, CCRP or Charles Evans, MPT, CCRP.  Dr. Johnson, Jodi, or Charlie will develop a treatment plan, which is carried out at VRCCE as well as in clients' homes.  

Treatments used for rehabilitation at VRCCE include:

CryotherapyVeterinary and Rehabilitation Center of Cape Elizabeth, CCRP, Cute little Hana, physical therapy canine underwater treadmill


Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic Ultrasound     

Cold Laser

Electrical Stimulation


Splinting and Bracing


Home Exercise Programs

Underwater Treadmill


Rehabilitation packages are available from as short as 4 sessions up to annual, unlimited passes. These packages are non-refundable and are designed to offer increasing discounts for long term physical therapy. 

Clients of other veterinary hospitals receive rehabilitation at VRCCE on a referral basis and return to their primary veterinarians for all other veterinary care.